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newbie [Oct. 13th, 2005|04:58 pm]
Female Friends
[Current Mood |crappycrappy]
[Current Music |teh rushed....]

hi just joined

i love cats so much and i got one of my own, name's Daniel

new to livejurnal

add me and i'll add back asap?


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(no subject) [Apr. 9th, 2005|03:03 am]
Female Friends

[Current Mood |numbNumb to any form of emotion...]
[Current Music |The Used - [ Take It Away. ]]

Okay girls..

Why do I torture myself like this..?Collapse )
Much love, and thanks if you can help...

P.S. I'm not looking for sympathy.. This entry was designed for me to start getting help.. even if it is over the internet.. I need help.. and I can't seem to ask for it anywhere else.
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. call for writers . [Feb. 14th, 2005|12:28 am]
Female Friends


I am seeking short writings (approx 50-200 words) on girl culture and the sex industry. Can be opinions, questions, statistics, quotes, ideas, research, stories, fictional, autobiographical, whatever. I want this to be by girls for girls. I'm working on the design- I just need help with the written content. Credit will be given either by name or anonymously- you're choice. This is for a class term project at The Art Institute and will be used in my portfolio for work and graduate school admission. Please feel free to leave your writing(s) in the comments or to email them to sydneygrey@gmail.com

Here are some questions that might inspire stories:

-what is it like, for you, being a girl in our society?
-how are girls brought up different?
-what is unfair? Needs to be changed?
-if you could share a secret to younger girls (or boys), what would it be?
-how do you feel about the sex industry? or women who work in the sex industry?
-do you think the sex industry victimizes women? how so/why not?
-how have your personal relationships changes as you've gotten older?
-what is the biggest mistake girls make growing up?
-how are women more powerful/successful in our society than they used to be? or in comparison to men?
-does the sex industry rob people's ability/understanding of intimacy?
-how old should a girl be to have sex? or what development is necessary?
-[your questions here]
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What's so great about being a girl? [Dec. 27th, 2004|05:30 pm]
Female Friends
[Current Mood |depresseddepressed]

I never really understood why being a girl is fun, or awesome, or anything to the like.

I guess you should know a little bit abut me. I'm 15 years old, 5' 7"(and wanting to be 5' 9") and around 120 to 130 lbs. I'm a tomboy who loves videogames (Hell, last night I played Halo for 8+ hours.). I hate shopping to a giant degree. I look awful in "girl's clothing" and things like that. I hate makeup, and think it makes women look fake. Purses are stupid, and no one needs to carry around that much crap. Isn't that what pockets are for, anyway? I cannot stand "Girl Talk" which to me sounds like talking hours about makeup, clothing, boys, nails, and being vain. Mean Girls was pretty much the most retarded movie in the world, because me reminded me of every single thing that makes me hate. Anyway, I guess I'm beginning to rant about it...

-Sex hurts, especially the first time. (Atleast that's what I've heard. I'm a virgin)
-When I masturbate, it can take hours to climax. I doubt I'll be able to climax while having sex.
-My periods last for 10 days, and hurts worse than being stabbed for most of it. Yes, I've been stabbed before. If yu figure that out, that's around 1/3 of e very year that I'm in constant pain.
-My PMS is awful, and makes me go into stupid crying fits that can last for hours.
-My boobs hurt if I do any extra-cirricular activities (i.e. running). They even small.

That's only a few things that make me hate myself, but I'm not sure how others compare to me in this. I can't stand being myself. I can't stand feeling this way...

I really need to know if there are any good points about being a girl (And if there are any, what would they be?)...
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Moments of Clarity (rev 1) [Dec. 10th, 2004|11:42 am]
Female Friends

[Current Mood |creative]

(MP3 of the Poem)

moments of clarity
overtook my being,
as i lay on the ground
unaware of the previous beating.

see this is where the story begins,
as the superhero deciphers,
that the WHOLE WORLD,
is on FIRE,
he is the KEROSENE
being DOUSED on its DESIRES.

don't get me wrong,
i don't want to turn this
into some type of hip-hop song,
but this is the only way i can be sure,
that my heart,
is still pumping, thumping,
grinding, and bumping,
to the vivacious booty jungle rhythms
cascading across Club Eternity’s dance floor.

read more of the poemCollapse )
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Whispers (Predatory Exasperations rev. 4) [Nov. 30th, 2004|09:10 am]
Female Friends

[Current Mood |creative]
[Current Music |(improved after poetry slam competition on sunday...)]

Whispers (Predatory Exasperations rev. 4)
note: italicized text, is soft… wafts off the lips… like fog in winter, building to crescendo like a symphony.

bind my memories...
envelope my consciousness...
develop snapshots

reminiscent of stale chronicles long forgotten.

chica racka, chica boom...

puzzle pieces
blanketed by desires,

passionate embraces --
second skins left at
death’s door.

hushed symphonies, intricate simplicities...

predatory exasperations,
permeating exteriors,
bringing life to vacant shells --
panting for air,
yearning for each other’s touch.

it’s been so long, since we sang a song -- together...

read more of the poemCollapse )
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(no subject) [Nov. 29th, 2004|06:35 pm]
Female Friends

k i haven't asked for advice in a long time, but i really need it.

I have been "seeing" this guy for a while, and like we've messed around and all that, gone pretty far or whatever. He goes to another school and is 2 years older than me. I haven't talked to him in 2 weeks because he's grounded i guess. Atleast that is what he told me. The only ways i talk to him are through AIM and then on the phone and through text messages. He hasn't been online and i sent him a text but he never sent one back. So i was all like ok thats fine, i bet his parents just took away his phone. Last night i was thinking, and all i could think about was what if he isn't grounded? what if he is avoiding me and blocked me online and just isn't taking my phone calls. I don't know why i'm worrying i mean i trust him and i don't think he would do that to me, but i can't help but think that.

I just don't know what to think. So yeah if someone could help me out that would be wonderful!

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Predatory Exasperations (And now for something a bit more graphic) (rev 1) [Nov. 24th, 2004|09:04 am]
Female Friends

[Current Mood |creative]

predatory exasperations
permeate my exterior,
as I pant for air –
yearn for your touch.

laying like disoriented bookends,
my shelves extend,
caressing the silky volumes
that shield your coffee stained pages
from the eyes of onlookers.

your leaves extend –
thrusting and nudging,
my soft delicate layers.

living cloth,
wrinkling with each stroke,
my penmanship craving to breach,
the walls of your citadel.

draining the last bits of life,
from my aged striations –
all the while stealing the fragile
nucleic treasures in my flesh,
once horded by myths –

civilizations long forgotten.

you,Collapse )
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(no subject) [Nov. 4th, 2004|10:42 pm]
Female Friends

hey guys - i found this community and thought it was really neat. im 20, a lisenced (sp?) cosmetologist, and a broke ass college student. i hardly have any female friends so i thought id join. im online majority of the time im home. want to know anything at all, feel free to ask!

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(no subject) [Oct. 26th, 2004|11:30 pm]
Female Friends
I don't really know what to think. My boyfriend has me confused once again. It's the internet. He flirts with girls on here constantly and tells them he is single. Like last night, I had talked to him, He was at a friends, drinking. I never really made a big deal out of it like i usually would have, and instead of being rude i just went to a friends house and stayed over night. Well, I get online today and a bunch of messages pop-up on yahoo, this girl saying that he told her he was single and that him and his ex broke up because she was a bitch about him hanging out with his friends and that she cheated on him. I cant handle this, he always gets pissed when i dont go out of my way to tell people online, whether they are girls or guys, that i have a boyfriend. I'm very confused, and afraid of losing him. Hes done this before and we have talked about it and about how it makes me feel and he acts like he understands. But apparently he doesnt...

Any advice would be appreciated...

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