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Predatory Exasperations (And now for something a bit more graphic) (rev 1) - Female Friends [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Predatory Exasperations (And now for something a bit more graphic) (rev 1) [Nov. 24th, 2004|09:04 am]
Female Friends


[Current Mood |creative]

predatory exasperations
permeate my exterior,
as I pant for air –
yearn for your touch.

laying like disoriented bookends,
my shelves extend,
caressing the silky volumes
that shield your coffee stained pages
from the eyes of onlookers.

your leaves extend –
thrusting and nudging,
my soft delicate layers.

living cloth,
wrinkling with each stroke,
my penmanship craving to breach,
the walls of your citadel.

draining the last bits of life,
from my aged striations –
all the while stealing the fragile
nucleic treasures in my flesh,
once horded by myths –

civilizations long forgotten.

you smitten me.
drive me crazy,
make me feel --

i fear your eyes –
peering past my facade.

your gaze –
from which i can never hide.

all wash over my form,
plastering me as a future trophy –

your conquest.

we both become wrapped
in our own desires,
till nothing is left,
but our own skins –
intertwined in passion.

so as we snuggle,
the moon rises over the city.
spies through your windows.
glows at the most beautiful sight.

it beams at the simplicity of the scene –
two puzzle pieces,
rejoicing in their:
accomplishment –


you can still hear their children whisper:

a boom –
chica boom.