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What's so great about being a girl? [Dec. 27th, 2004|05:30 pm]
Female Friends
[Current Mood |depresseddepressed]

I never really understood why being a girl is fun, or awesome, or anything to the like.

I guess you should know a little bit abut me. I'm 15 years old, 5' 7"(and wanting to be 5' 9") and around 120 to 130 lbs. I'm a tomboy who loves videogames (Hell, last night I played Halo for 8+ hours.). I hate shopping to a giant degree. I look awful in "girl's clothing" and things like that. I hate makeup, and think it makes women look fake. Purses are stupid, and no one needs to carry around that much crap. Isn't that what pockets are for, anyway? I cannot stand "Girl Talk" which to me sounds like talking hours about makeup, clothing, boys, nails, and being vain. Mean Girls was pretty much the most retarded movie in the world, because me reminded me of every single thing that makes me hate. Anyway, I guess I'm beginning to rant about it...

-Sex hurts, especially the first time. (Atleast that's what I've heard. I'm a virgin)
-When I masturbate, it can take hours to climax. I doubt I'll be able to climax while having sex.
-My periods last for 10 days, and hurts worse than being stabbed for most of it. Yes, I've been stabbed before. If yu figure that out, that's around 1/3 of e very year that I'm in constant pain.
-My PMS is awful, and makes me go into stupid crying fits that can last for hours.
-My boobs hurt if I do any extra-cirricular activities (i.e. running). They even small.

That's only a few things that make me hate myself, but I'm not sure how others compare to me in this. I can't stand being myself. I can't stand feeling this way...

I really need to know if there are any good points about being a girl (And if there are any, what would they be?)...