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. call for writers . [Feb. 14th, 2005|12:28 am]
Female Friends



I am seeking short writings (approx 50-200 words) on girl culture and the sex industry. Can be opinions, questions, statistics, quotes, ideas, research, stories, fictional, autobiographical, whatever. I want this to be by girls for girls. I'm working on the design- I just need help with the written content. Credit will be given either by name or anonymously- you're choice. This is for a class term project at The Art Institute and will be used in my portfolio for work and graduate school admission. Please feel free to leave your writing(s) in the comments or to email them to sydneygrey@gmail.com

Here are some questions that might inspire stories:

-what is it like, for you, being a girl in our society?
-how are girls brought up different?
-what is unfair? Needs to be changed?
-if you could share a secret to younger girls (or boys), what would it be?
-how do you feel about the sex industry? or women who work in the sex industry?
-do you think the sex industry victimizes women? how so/why not?
-how have your personal relationships changes as you've gotten older?
-what is the biggest mistake girls make growing up?
-how are women more powerful/successful in our society than they used to be? or in comparison to men?
-does the sex industry rob people's ability/understanding of intimacy?
-how old should a girl be to have sex? or what development is necessary?
-[your questions here]